Connected to Toppy’s IoT hub, Toppy containers give way to numerous software applications to enhance our lives


Toppy identification codes can be affixed to any durable container offering maximum flexibility.


Toppy system creates a circular economy of reusable containers. The more they are used, the less they cost.

The Toppy solution is built to operate on the leanest circular economy cycle: reusability. 

Cost of system = cost of assets + operating cost

Cost of assets includes buying new and replacing the damaged ones.
Operating costs include sanitization, labelling and inventory management.

Software applications and IoT Infrastructure diagnose data to improve lifetime and maximize profitability.

Packaging is used to protect and transport an item from one place to another

Map your value chain

A container sees many users. Mapping out the value chain sets the base for optimizing process flow

Digitalize your value chain

Build software applications to immerse customers, employees and suppliers into a world of data.

Deliver value to stakeholders

Create games, report ESG metrics, reduce waste management costs and much more…

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